Mini Prosperity Box (1pc Pineapple Cake + 1pc Apple Cake)

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The Pineapple Cake symbolises the blessing of prosperity (旺來) while the Apple Cake symbolises the blessing of peace (平安). Now available in a small and convenient pack, perfect gift choice if you need something for a large group of people.

Minimum Order: 2 boxes from Mini Blessings Collection

Each box contains 1pc Pineapple Cake and 1pc Apple Cake. This item does not come with bags

Best Before: min 2 weeks

Best Pineapple Cakes from multiple blind-taste reviews, using only organically grown Taiwan native pineapples. Ranked #1 Pineapple Tart in Singapore by 8Days magazine and TODAY.

Our Apple Cakes are made with Kougyoku Apples, well known for their right combination of crunchy sweetness and tanginess. Together with a Japanese master chef, we invented a secret curing process for retaining its natural UME flavors.

No Artificial Additives
Our cakes are made with all-natural ingredients. No artificial additives or preservatives are used.

Individually Wrapped
Each cake is wrapped in a customized washi paper that seals out oxygen, humidity & almost all air molecules to seal in the goodness from all the premium ingredients used. 

Every Detail Curated
The size of each cake was specially designed such that it’s big enough to share or just hitting the sweet spot for personal enjoyment.

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