SunnyHills World Project

With the same philosophy of working directly with farms and re-investing back into the land, SunnyHills World Project work with partners around the world who share the same passion for the land. From Kougyoku Apples of Japan to Mao Shan Wang of Malaysia, SunnyHills World Project aims to inspire more to work with SunnyHills, to create more honest-to-goodness treats around the world. 


The Tropic of Cancer blesses Nantou with sunshine through 4 seasons, giving rise to the best native pineapples and oolong tea. Fibrous & tangy, these non genetically modified pineapples are organically grown and purchased directly from family farms ethically to entice younger generation back to farming.


Originating from Aomori Ken, Kougyoku Apples are known for its ruby red shade and its combination of crunchy sweetness and tanginess. Together with a Japanese master chef, SunnyHills invented a secret curing process for retaining it’s natural UME flavors without the use of any artificial additives.

Malaysia Mao Shan Wang & D24

Our Mao Shan Wang and D24 durians are sourced directly from the hills of Raub, Pahang Malaysia, the durian capital of the world. Nestled between the cool climates of Genting Highlands, Fraser's Hills and Taman Negara Nature Reserve, Raub undisputedly grows the best durians in Malaysia.


Nothing says you care like SunnyHills

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