Mao Shan Wang Durian (400g) by FORBIDDEN [FROZEN]

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Each box will be sealed in a cooler envelope. 

Harvested from majestic old trees, experience the perfect blend of sweetness and subtle bitterness that truly defines the crown jewel of durians for the ultimate durian pleasure.

Once harvested, they are blast-frozen to stop the durian from further fermenting, hence retaining the freshness of the durian flesh. When thawed, it's almost like having it on the same day that it dropped from the tree!

A special skin-wrap technique is used on the durian before sealing the box, ensuring that there's no smell and hence making it safe for travel!


  • Once thawed, please consume within the same day. DO NOT REFREEZE
  • 400g durian pulp is almost equivalent to 1 medium-sized durian of roughly 1.2kg
  • Small seed with 80-90% flesh 

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