Oolong Tea (6 pkt) [Drip Bag]

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Packed in a convenient drip-bag design that allows the leaves to fully open, enjoy the full flavour of our unique Oolong Tea anywhere, anytime without needing a teapot or tea strainer.

SunnyHills tea plantation lies on the sun-kissed eastern side of BaGua Mountains, 500m above sea level. The year-round sunshine and balmy sub-tropical climate give this Oolong its unique flavors.

Only the bud and top two young leaves are plucked, dried, fermented, roasted and rolled into a tiny ball. Each bud and leaf of SunnyHills Spring Oolong Tea releases a clear, golden brew that has the warmth and goodness of the morning sun, captured in a cup.

The plantation is certified organic by Taiwan Organic Production Association (TOPA).

Taste Notes: Licorice-like sweetness, non-astringent, non-bitter
Roast: Light Oolong
Varietal: A blend of Si Ji Chun (4 Seasons) & Jin Xuan (Milky Oolong)

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