Buy 3 Get 1 Free Bundle Deal - Lucky 8 Mooncake Mid-Autumn Gift Box [PREORDER]

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Box 1 Pineapple Mooncake 3pcs + Apple Mooncake 3pcs
Box 2 Pineapple Mooncake 3pcs + Apple Mooncake 3pcs
Box 3 Pineapple Mooncake 3pcs + Apple Mooncake 3pcs

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Step 1: Select 3 boxes of mooncakes of your choice. 
Step 2: The 4th box will be Pineapple Mooncake 1pc + Apple Mooncake 1pc + Pineapple Cake 5pcs
Step 3: 1 item of the lowest price will be free

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Pineapple Custard Mooncake

Taiwan Native Pineapples are combined with salted eggs made into a custard to balance the sweet and savoury taste which is so distinctive of traditional Mid-Autumn flavours. The finely crafted Pineapple Flower motif symbolizes the prosperous harvest of pineapple blossoms, representing the heartfelt blessings of abundance to the receiver.

Kougyoku Apple Mooncake 

A secret curing recipe developed by SunnyHills is used to retain the natural tangy flavor of Kougyoku Apples before embracing it with a rich velvety roasted sweet potato puree. Carved with an intricate emblem of the beautiful Apple Flower on top, the Kougyoku Apple Mooncakes bear blessings of peace and well-being. 

Pineapple Cakes

Best Pineapple Cakes from multiple blind-taste reviews, using only organically grown Taiwan native pineapples, and made without using artificial additives or preservatives. Ranked #1 Pineapple Tart in Singapore by 8Days magazine and TODAY. Each cake is wrapped in a customized washi paper that seals out oxygen, humidity & almost all air molecules to seal in the goodness from all the premium ingredients used. 

Oolong Tea

Our "Song Bo Ling" Oolong Tea produces a golden brew that has the warmth and goodness of the morning sun, all captured within a cup. Only the bud and top two young leaves are plucked, dried, fermented, roasted and rolled into a tiny ball. Comes in a convenient drip bag design which allows the tea leaves to fully open when brewed for a delightful fragrance. Each tea bag can be brewed up to 2-3 times.

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