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Presenting Our Sunny Delights

The Perfect Gift To Give, The Perfect Snack To Enjoy

Pineapple Cake TART

What sunshine would taste like, if it was a cake. Baked with love, joy and passion just for you and your loved ones.

Best Pineapple Cakes from multiple blind-taste reviews & ranked #1 Pineapple Tart in Singapore by 8Days magazine and TODAY.

Apple cake TART

Made with Japan prized Kougyoku Apples, said to be the most ideal apple for making tarts and pastries. Together with a Japanese master chef, we invented a secret curing process for retaining it’s natural UME flavors without the use of any artificial additives.


Made with pure honey in a traditional castella cake technique, it’s then further baked dry to become a wholesome delicious & crunchy rusk.

"Song Bai Ling" Oolong tea

A golden brew that has the warmth and goodness of the morning sun, all captured within a cup.

forbidden - D24 Durian love letter ROLL

A twist from the classic, these Durian Love Letter Rolls are made with a French Cookie [Langues de Chat] recipe and premium D24 durians.