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Pineapple Farm Staff Smiling

All about the Farmers 

SunnyHills story begins in the sunny and rugged countryside of Bagua Mountain (八卦山) in central Taiwan.

Set up in 2008 in Nantou, Taiwan, SunnyHills is a specialty bakery offering authentic and fresh pineapple cakes that are traditionally sourced, made, and baked in Taiwan.

Committed to only using all-natural and fresh ingredients, SunnyHills operates not just as a bakery or a shop, but also as a farm that supplies its own pineapples, making it a true Farm-Bakery-Store concept.

Farmer Pineapple

In principle, SunnyHills is a proponent of what is known as the Slow Food Movement – focused on a return to sources and a sensitive approach towards farming practices.

SunnyHills believes in giving back to its land and people through responsible farming and fair-trade practices. Through all of its agricultural and business operations, it employs local villagers and farmers on the estate.

To date, on top of its own pineapple farm, SunnyHills works with 800 small family farms in the region. All pineapples used by SunnyHills are sent to the laboratory to ensure they are pesticide-free.

Pineapple in basket

All Sunny Delights are made from Taiwanese indigenous pineapples, grown naturally and organically on the farm of SunnyHills Estate.

Even if each pineapple takes 18 months to reach full maturity, and each pineapple can only be used to make 5 pineapple cakes, SunnyHills believes in letting nature take its course, allowing the fruit to mature naturally. The company does not promote the use of growth hormones, but trusts in life’s greatest resource, the Sun, to ripen the pineapples. A sustainable farming practice also ensures that crops remain healthy and bountiful in each new cycle.

SUNNYHILLS World Project 

With the same philosophy of working directly with farms and re-investing back into the land, SunnyHills World Project work with partners around the world who share the same passion for the land. From Kougyoku Apples from Japan to Musang King from Malaysia, SunnyHills World Project aims to inspire more to work with SunnyHills, to create more honest-to-goodness treats around the world. 

A Simple Honest-to-Goodness Delight